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Vinit Gupta



Vinit Gupta lives and works in New Delhi. He has a master degree in economics and Anthropology. Vinit Gupta’s project, Where They Belong- portrait from Mahan forest was exhibited at the United Art Fair in 2013, Delhi Photo Festival 2015, and Fotofest Huston in2018. He is a recipient of the Neel Dongre Photography Award/fellowship 2013-2014 and 2014- 2015 supported by India Photo Archive Foundation. He received the National Foundation of India Media Fellowship for 2018-2019.


Two adjacent schools DRP and Rajdhani public school witnessed systematic destruction with mobs occupying them over two days and left behind a scene of desolation and ruin. The work investigate images, found objects and documents from the site of conflict and violence together probe how it feels when violence erupts, turning neighbours into enemies and home into an alien land.

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