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Ramu Aravindan

Ramu's Encounter

Ramu Aravindan

Ramu Aravindan is a graphic designer and photographer based in Bangalore. His images deal with landscapes, places, objects, and the sense of space and locality they create. About his work he has this to say: “My central fascination with photography is a link I had made up, over time, between photography and the joy of moving around and looking at places—experiencing places. It’s a simple satisfaction and the ‘sense of seeking’ contained in that activity that drew me to photography and continue to draw me to it.” 


Ramu has worked on photography commissions for books, visual research, and design projects and runs a consultancy, Landeater Design, that creates design and content for communication and documentation projects. He also teaches photography as visiting faculty at art and design schools. Ramu graduated in graphic design from NID, Ahmedabad, and holds a Masters in photography from the University of Calgary. 

Ramu's Encounters

These are all travel photos taken at various places, from various times. I often look for places and images that stare back at me and these pictures were put together with that memory in mind.

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