Ramith Kunhimangalam

Endless Horizon

Ramith Kunhimangalam is a final year student of Master of Fine Arts at the Fine Arts College, Thiruvananthapuram. Hailing from Kunhimangalam village in Kannur, Kerala, he is interested in exploring the medium of video to express his ideas. An academically trained painter, Ramith turned his attention towards moving images a couple of years back. 

Endless Horizon

I prefer to work with videos as this medium allows the communication between my inner world and the outer world through the power of visuals and sounds. Each frame in a video is like a moment sculpted in time. It is as if the mystery of life acts like the strokes of the unconscious mind. The essence of this mystery is conveyed through the transformation of emotions into feelings.


My encounter with this medium happened through my own circumstances and persistent practice based on simplicity, spontaneity, and naturalness. Through this formless, uninhibited, and unadulterated expression, I would like to offer perspectives without involving any specific subject matter, mode of storytelling, or usage of symbols. Within the persistence of frames, the simultaneous existence of images and their reflection are explored. The magic is conceived through editing the imagery at the periphery of reality and dreams. In this process, a new language is evolved by breaking the barrier between documentary and fiction. I believe that the universe changes when changes occur in each one of us and I try to learn and spread the ethos of compassion and humility through this expression of mine.

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