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Fabien Charuau



Fabien Charuau is an artist based in Mumbai. Working mainly with algorithms on computational images, he has had his work shown in solo and group shows and at photo festivals in Europe and India. His reflection on Indian photography has also seen him take on a curatorial role for a group show on contemporary Indian photography in Paris.


It was during the lockdown I looked back at some of my earlier works and stumbled upon these photographs which were taken 12 years ago. I was travelling across north India at that time and experiencing the village life. Normalcy of life, human bodies and senses were among the subjects I had focused at that time. When I turn back now, so much seems to have changed. Of course, 12 years are a long time in a photographer's life and I see my earlier works in a totally different perspective now. I believe that a photographer achieves maturity over time and through experiences. The contrast between the old images and new images of a photographer stands as a testimony to the changes undergone by the artist. Rajapur is not a single village or place. I preferred to title this series as Rajapur to represent the villages in north India, many of which share a lot of similarities.

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