Arun Inham

A Canvas of Motions

Arun Inham is a young photographer based in Vadakara, Kozhikode. For the last four years, he has been working as a documentary photographer, theatre artist, and photographer and reporter for online art magazines. His earlier works include a photography series on the people who got isolated and sidelined in our rush for modernity. A passionate theatre artist, Arun has also done eight performance art displays. Currently, he is engaged in a series of work combining theatre arts and photography. 

A Canvas of Motions

I feel my surroundings as a canvas made of different movements. It is a theatre of spontaneous and slow motions and emotions. My outlook during the pandemic-induced isolation walked me to the complex world of motion. The 'I' before and after COVID. In this photography series, I am recreating the movements which I found in the surroundings and society by using the very objects from those locations. The style I have employed here involves the amalgamation of photography, sculpture, and painting. The creator dies at the moment his/her creation becomes perfect, and I believe that no creation is perfect. Since there is no perfectness, the art stays open to interpretations in the mind of the creator as well as spectators. All the viewers add their own views to the creation. Even if a person looks simple, he/she is a big world of complexities. The world of art is also like that. It is a landscape full of multiple dimensions and I don't intend to say anything straight forward about it except that in this dark series you can see the fear and desperation of someone who is stuck in an islet.

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